Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen says Google data now protected from government spying

Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen says Google data now protected from government spying

Google’s Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen were wide-ranging session at SXSW today and they revealed that Google’s data is now safely protected from the prying eyes of government organizations.

In the last few days Google upgraded its security measure following revelations that Britain’s GCHQ had intercepted data being transmitted between Google datacenters, Schmidt said that his company’s upgrades following the incident left him “pretty sure that information within Google is now safe from any government’s prying eyes.”

In addition to increased encryption, which Google has discussed publicly to a media, Schmidt said the company had made further undisclosed improvements to its security in recent months.

Some critics may not entirely be convinced although it must be said that there is no system that is completely impregnable and if the Snowden revelations are anything to go by then we can be sure that government agencies around the world will stop at nothing to make sure they exploit any security flaw online.

Elsewhere in the talk, Schmidt also discussed how he believed that improvements in encryption technology over the next few years will prevent countries like Iran from creating their own isolated versions of the internet which would be state-controlled. The Google supremo believed that this kind of technology would render such efforts an exercise in futility.

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