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Benjamin Netanyahu for a record fifth term as prime minister

April 10th, 2019 | by DailyWebJournal
Benjamin Netanyahu for a record fifth term as prime minister

Benjamin Netanyahu is anticipated to serve a record fifth term as Israeli prime minister after results from the country’s tightly-contested election pointed to the creation of a replacement rightist coalition government. With solely a tiny low variety of votes left to count, Netanyahu’s Likud party was neck-and-neck with competitor Benny Gantz’s new centrist Blue and White party. they need each won thirty-five seats. However, different rightist factions have already backed Netanyahu and Israel’s 3 main tv channels rumored that they currently can type a coalition with the incumbent prime minister. The election was being seen as a vote on Netanyahu’s leadership—he still faces potential indictment in 3 graft cases. however, he was triumphant Wednesday morning, saying: “It is going to be a rightist government, however, I’ll be prime minister for all … I am terribly touched that the individuals of Israel gave ME their vote of confidence for the fifth time and a fair larger vote of confidence than previous elections. I shall be the prime minister of all voters of Israel. Right, left, Jews, non-Jews. All of Israel’s voters.”

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