According to an industry insider, Grand Theft Auto fans might have to wait until 2023 before they can get their hands on GTA VI. The information gives credence to an earlier leak, which predicted a similar release date.

With Rockstar remaining tight-lipped about Grand Theft Auto 6, one has no choice but to rely on leaks and rumors for any information around the title. Scattered reports suggest that the game will be set in the early 1980s and span across multiple cities. We know for sure that GTA VI isn’t due anytime soon, with most rumors hinting at a 2023-24 launch window. Another industry insider chimed in confirming that the game will likely be released at that time.

Tweet posted by an Tom Henderson states that we may have to wait until 2023 to know more about Grand Theft Auto 6. That date somewhat makes sense, as Rockstar continues to milk its predecessor for all its worth. Unlike many devs who release new games alongside console launches, Rockstar is known to wait for years before debuting their games on a new console. For example, Grand Theft Auto V was launched towards the PlayStation 3’s end of life. Even Red Dead Redemption 2 was unveiled five years after the PlayStation 4’s release.

If we go by the aforementioned logic, then Grand Theft Auto 6’s release could go as far as 2025. However, it is unlikely that Rockstar will make fans wait twelve years for GTA VI. One can only hope that good sense prevails, and Rockstar doesn’t follow Valve’s footsteps when it comes to releasing sequels.



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